Healthcare for All: What does it mean?


I support access to medical care for all.  I do NOT support the way in which it is being offered.  Access to allopathic medicine without prior drastic changes to the system will not help this country be physically nor financially healthy.  I do believe relieving the stress of not having access to emergent care is of absolute importance.   I remember the nagging five years of fear during my mid twenties without health insurance. Despite being a healthy young person, I was active in the outdoors.  In the back of my mind, I knew at home, I couldn’t even afford a broken bone. With regards to medical care, I felt the best when I was in Mexico, Canada or pretty much anywhere other than the States.  On one of my trips to Cuzco, Peru, I got horribly sick from the altitude and emergently needed IV fluids. I was afraid to go in because of my American experience of medicine, but had no choice.  The total ER visit was 15$. I was shocked that even with my meager savings, I was able to afford my own healthcare directly. This is where healthcare for all would be possible.  It’s about stopping the racket of stuffing the pockets of greedy pharmaceutical companies and for profit medical corporations.  Its about decreasing administrative costs by creating reasonable direct payment for services. Medicine cannot be part of unregulated capitalism and be affordable for all. It will not work. We have a disaster to clean up first and need voters to speak up now.

One of my favorite examples of the utter criminality of Pharma and rising costs of medicine in America is the story behind the treatment for pinworms.  As a taxpayer, anytime I treat a medicaid child for pinworms (which is more common than you want to realize) it now costs upwards of $600 per treatment for an old and once generic drug out of my own tax dollars!  Read the linked article and think what will happen if we create a system where everyone has access to a system with unregulated cost.  We will bankrupt ourselves and our taxes will go to pay for this lunacy.   And do note, that the tone of the Consumer Reports article is written that this is the fault of physicians for not paying better attention to drug prices.  Guys, why did a generic off patent drug go from 6$ to 190$ per pill is much a better question to ponder?  And better yet, how is this legal?  This is simply criminal but no one is paying attention anymore.  Again, the best solution I see is educating the community about the lack of regulation and beginning to clean up the great depth of corruption that the unchecked greedy few of our healthcare system have been enjoying.  Once free from greed, healthcare becomes accessible to all.

It is time to start paying attention and speaking up.  This is the only way true change will come.

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