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Top 10 Items in my First Aid Kit

Summer is here and in the pediatric urgent care I have begun to see more soft tissue injuries, broken bones and lacerations. While kids are out of school they have markedly more freedom to explore and with this they find creative ways to injure themselves.  It is important to have first aid supplies ready. I… Continue reading Top 10 Items in my First Aid Kit


TCM Mother-Child: A personal experience

In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) there exists a concept called mother-child.  This is the idea that a mother and a child cannot be dealt with separately with regards to their health.  Beyond pregnancy, beyond the original physical bond between mother and child there is the continued existence of mixed qi (chi or vital energy) for… Continue reading TCM Mother-Child: A personal experience


Bronchiolitis: The Cough that Won’t Quit

Cough and colds plague this time of year.  At our practice bronchiolitis has been the main diagnosis the past two months.  This is an illness that comes every year.  Despite causing more deaths annually in young children and the elderly it gets less attention in the media than influenza because there isn’t a safe or… Continue reading Bronchiolitis: The Cough that Won’t Quit


Fever is a Friend (if you’re a T cell)

Fever (temp>100.4F) is an appropriate response to foreign invasion by the body.  Some kids rage.  Other kids simmer.  I spend a lot of my time in clinic working to reassure not only patients but co-workers as well that fever is not in itself dangerous.  It can be an important indicator of disruption and useful for… Continue reading Fever is a Friend (if you’re a T cell)