The Clinic


Intuitive Pediatric’s clinic is a house call concierge service offering direct holistic pediatric care in San Antonio and distant consults via Skype.   Children are vital and amazing in their ability to heal themselves in this complex world.  However despite our best efforts sometimes they too struggle for health.  As compassionate parents we can become overwhelmed with our fears for them and need loving guidance from someone who has dedicated their career to knowing and understanding little bodies.  I aim to provide healing and comfort for the entire family.  In addition I want to be available as a guide for normal growth and development for children who exist both inside and outside the allopathic system.  I welcome those who have been using intuition to guide their choices in their children’s health.

For more information on pricing and packages click on the services tab.  For further inquiry please call (210) 617-3326 and leave a voice message or email using the contact tab.  You will receive a prompt response.

-Dr. Heather Kim, DO

*Please note I cannot directly offer vaccinations nor circumcisions at this time.*