Activating Intuition

You are an intuitive healer.  To think intuitive prowess is a special gift handed out to only a few gypsy souls, is fallacy.  Intuition, at its root, is simply a grounded-type of embodied awareness.  Sure, theoretically it could give you clues to the future but most commonly it gives you insight into the now of any given moment.  It is in the clarity of this now, this very moment, that powerful healing happens.

There is no one who knows you or your child better than you do.  Purposefully, I have created a practice placing clients back into their seats of authority over their health and that of their children.  This power does not belong in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies, in the pockets of the insurance companies, nor do I believe our children deserve to be at the mercy of the machines of propaganda that have replaced actual science.  Authority over their health belongs to those who love them most rather than someone who sees them as a profit margin.

If any of the above resonates, you may be a good fit for this “intuitive” practice model.

What an intuitive practice looks like is guiding clients in continually developing mindfulness around their own physical and emotional health and also that of their children.  I see these as deeply intertwined and in no way can parent and child’s health simply be separated.  Child and parent are constantly in interaction and lasting healing comes from working with both simultaneously.