Intuitive Mothering

It is time for mothers to consciously reclaim the value of their intuition.  To find the voice within us that is connected to our deepest roots.  May we stand tall and breathe as we encounter authority.  People will claim to know more about our child and our own bodies than we do.  We will listen with open hearts and take what we need and leave behind that which does not resonate.  Now is the time for us to embody the importance and the grace that it takes to be someone’s mum.  As women we can authentically slave for the people we love.  Because to nourish is in our roots.  In the ancient story of the X chromosome lays the mystery that is only ours, that which is female.  Our western culture has done us a major disservice in devaluing the importance of this role.  When you see the photo below what do you think?  What comes up for you?  sahm