Services and Pricing

Luxury Package: 259$/month 

Luxury package includes initial in home intake assessment, all aspects of the Healthy Kid Package and up to 7 additional in home sick visits throughout the calendar year.

*This package is also appropriate for children with chronic health issues due to the required frequent visits/energy required to keep them healthy.

Newborn-2 Years Package: 179$/month

Newborns require close attention during their important first year of life.  Toddlers under the age of 2 with their blood brain barrier open to pathogens and rapidly changing development also require close attention and visits as compared to older children. This pricing represents all aspects of the healthy kid package but with frequent in home well checks/developmental assessments visits during the first year (5 visits guaranteed) and at least two well checks/developmental assessments between 12mos and 24mos.  Please contact me early if you are pregnant and interested in joining my practice with your newborn.  I take a very limited number of new arrivals each year because of the care/energy that is required to care for this special time.

Healthy Kid Package: 99$/month* 

Yearly Holistic Wellness Exam in Your Home

  • Clients enjoy prompt and personal response to unlimited questions
  • Direct access to your Board Certified Pediatrician
  • Personalized medicine for your child
  • Holistic nutrition education
  • Osteopathic treatment/assessment
  • Developmental Assessment/Screening
  • Sports physical/Day Care form completion
  • Vision and hearing screening for children 4 and over

One Additional in Home Sick Visit included:  Strep Ag testing, urine analysis are included in this fee.  Additional labs and imaging are priced at lab cost.

Package Pricing is Based upon a One Year Commitment.  Siblings can be added to the package for 10$ per additional child/month.  Healthy kid package is available to children over 2 years of age

A La Carte Holistic Wellness Exam: 195$ (for retainer clients only)
A La Carte Sick Visit: 150$ (for retainer clients only)

*Children with chronic health issues are subject to different pricing due to the time/energy required for their care.  See Luxury Package for pricing.

Please note I cannot offer vaccinations nor circumcisions in this model of care.  However I can help guide you to options available here in San Antonio.