Kid-Approved Green Smoothie

The long awaited Poop Smoothie blog!!!!  This smoothie developed at our house as a way to find a non-inflammatory plant based protein source for mildly dairy-sensitive Julien as he was transitioning off of breast milk.  It has found its way into my practice because I come in contact with a ton of allergies (food/environmental) in the population I work with on the south side of San Antonio.  I also see a lot of children suffering terribly from constipation.  I theorize that these two types of kids are related through their guts and will write more about the science and medicinal properties behind this smoothie as the site builds.  For now you get the recipe and some light background information.

Smoothies require a blender of some sort.  If you have a blender then the first thing you need to buy is some of Macro Greens powder.  10z should be about 25$.  In San Antonio I have to order it on Amazon as our Whole Foods no longer carries it.  It is not cheap but it will take you months to finish.  Store it in the FRIDGE if you live in Texas as it is

macro green small

the only cool dark place that exists in our homes.  This is truly the best tasting green powder on Earth.  I have tested many of them out on my family.  Understand there are a ton of desiccated vegetables, probiotics and other bitter goodness in this can.  They have used stevia to mask the bitter taste.  I think it makes all the difference for a kid palate.  Especially for any kid not used to eating any greens.

The other core ingredient to a poop smoothie is Manitoba Organic Hemp Protein.  This stuff packs ~7gms of fiber in 1/2 scoop or 2 tbs.  If you are new to this: Fiber + appropriate fluids + healthy gut =’s nice poops.  Store this in the freezer with your smoothie bananas to prevent your ground hemp seeds from becoming rancid.

hemp proteinGround hemp is essentially nutty and undetectable healthiness in a smoothie.


Poop smoothie recipe 

1 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk (if tree nut allergies sub in coconut or rice milk)

2 TBS of hemp powder

1 tsp Macro Greens

Frozen cherries (anti inflammatory)

Frozen blueberries (anti inflammatory)

1/2 frozen banana (peel and freeze any older bananas for this purpose)

1/2 tsp of cinnamon (an anti inflammatory/antiviral flavor enhancer)

Makes about 10oz’s of smoothie


Make a double batch and freeze your leftovers in silicone Popsicle makers.


Of note, Trader Joes has a markedly cheaper green powder (not GF) and hemp protein (not organic) available for anyone with financial restrictions/lots of kids to make smoothies for!  Another awesome fact about TJs is that if your kids don’t approve of their products you can return them for a full refund.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Whole Foods also does this if you save your receipt.


2 thoughts on “Kid-Approved Green Smoothie

  1. I will definitely try this! We have allergies, inflammation and constipation happening in our home, so help is needed. Smoothies are such a delicious way to sneak in tons of nutrition. How’s the texture? Do either of the powders make the smoothie gritty?


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