Intuitive Nutrition


Every body is different.  Literally none of us is exactly the same in our experiences, our traumas, our genetics (ancestors).  Therefore there is no one diet that will fit every body type.  The science of nutrition is limited.  We barely understand the core vitamins and minerals that we need to nourish ourselves.  As we move deeper into the co-factors that regulate the core vitamins and minerals things get even more muddled.  Don’t even bring up something as simple as fat with a group of nutrition scientists unless you like a good cage fight.  With nutrition I say, “Abandon science and it’s shortcomings!”  Listen to your body.  Begin to drop in.

There are plans out there to help you wipe the slate clean so that you can sharpen your senses.  The Whole30 is a good place for starting over or simply discovering what you are actually eating.  Many local libraries have the ebook available for download or check out!

Nutrition density is also a great place to start as well.  Dr. Fuhrman and his team have developed ways to help us understand the nutritional values of particular foods.  Read what he has to say and take what you need.   Begin to understand which foods actually have nutrition.  Then heap up loads of them.  Sadly for the majority of our society, most of what we eat is truly empty.  And it leaves us that way when we burn it.

For my health and recovery I have relied heavily on the concept of healing my gut.  I spent years on oral antibiotics thanks to a misdiagnosis.  I have also had my appendix removed (a storehouse for our important gut microbes).  Therefore my diet focus relies on the concept of keeping the microbiota  of my gut healthy and flourishing.  In this sterile world it is of huge importance that probiotic foods become part of our everyday diet.  Kombucha, kimchi, Bubbies Pickles, yogurt, kefir, sourdough (real starter.  no yeast).  The list goes on.  As our food  (plant and animal) and our water is exposed to antibiotics, pesticides, chlorine so is our gut.  This disruption of the gut is the gateway to inflammation and if left unchecked eventually chronic disease. Take back your gut!  Tell the oppressors with their bags and boxes of empty junk to go to heck.  We want food.  Real food.  Real health.

For most of us eating healthy is going to take examining our relationship with cooking. Watch Michael Pollin’s Cooked.  It streams on Netflix!  Find whatever inspiration you need to get into feeding yourself and your family by your own hands.  Get back in the kitchen!  Not because you have to but because you want to!  Reclaim the helm of health for yourself and your loved ones.