Newborn Package

Newborns require more frequent checks than older children with respect to growth and development.  The young infant/newborn package includes up to 5 in home visits.  Infant assessments are usually done in the first month of life, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and then at 9 months. One additional in home sick visit is available if needed.  Well infant assessments are an hour long and includes weight checks, physical assessment and thorough developmental assessment.  In my care there is also the peace that comes from having your pediatrician one text away for each question arising during your infant’s precious first year of life.  If you do not plan to use intramuscular Vit K at birth, I highly recommend you consider using oral Vit K.  If you haven’t read Evidence Based Birth’s article on Vit K, I recommend you do before you make your final decision.  And I also have had great results with BioGaia’s infant probiotics with Vit D during the winter months.  For more personal questions in your journey please reach out via the contact portion of the website.